10 April 2011

I Don't Think I Could Be a Monk

I'm sure you've all heard that dopplebocks were consumed by German monks during their Lenten fasts.  I don't know if any current German monks do it, but J. Wilson, editor of the Adams Country Free Press, is doing it, and blogging about it at Diary of a Part-Time Monk. He's been all the papers, and mentioned on TV Jimmy Fallon, who joked, "an alcoholic has just discovered it's Lent."

But Wilson isn't an alcoholic.  He is honestly doing it for Lent.  He drinks four 12-ounce, 288-calorie Doppelbocks a day on weekdays, and five a day on the weekend.

You can read his blog and he will explain his reasons, his motivation and the challenges.

I bring this up for two reasons:

  1. He's lost 15 pounds in 22 days.
  2. He's sick of dopplebock.
While reason number one makes the diet seem attractive, reason number two is going to keep me from trying it.


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