22 March 2011

Roger's Red Mild Kegging Day

Roger's Red Mild Ale clocked in at 1.041 on Brew Day, and was down to 1.007 on Kegging Day.  That gives it 4.5% ABV.

It has a bready, chocolatey nose.  The bread carries through in the taste, with a hint of hops.

It tastes like an Amber.

I hate ambers.  Oh well. . .

I must say, however, that the WLP002 English Ale yeast flocculates it the strangest ways: along the sides a tiny bit on the bottom.  Just a weird looking yeast.

So two weeks in the cooler, and it should be ready to drink.


posted by hiikeeba at 08:04


Anonymous Jeff said...

If you aren't a fan of amber, you can always send those bottles my way. Love me some Amber!

9:30 AM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

I may take you up on that.

9:54 AM  
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