20 March 2011

Site Problems

A week or so ago, I began to notice a pop up window that opened whenever I closed the tab the blog was in.  I wasn't sure what was causing it, and didn't have time to figure out what bit of code was malware.  Yesterday, I sat down and started taking out the new things.

First, the Twitter counter went.  That didn't help.

Second, a Blog Burst link that has been on the site almost since day one went away.  That wasn't the problem.

Third, I deleted the "Search Google" search box at the top of the posts.  Whaddaya know!  It was a Google script that was causing it!

That "Search Google" script has been up there for years.  I guess someone figured out how to redirect it.

If you encounter any other issues, please click the "Email Jeff" link on the right and let me know.


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