16 March 2011

Dirktastic Concerns

I kegged Dirktastic, and I had some issues.  Lately that seems to always be the case.

First, the beer is cloudy.  It's a bright yellow, opaque beer.  A milk-like, cloudy opacity.  Okay, I thought, Maybe if it sits in the cooler a week and carbonates, it will clear.  And if it doesn't I can filter it.

So I filled the keg, put some CO2 on it, and let it sit for an hour.  When I took the keg out to the beer fridge, I noticed that the lid hadn't sealed.  So I re-pressurized the keg, and watched as beer bubbled out around the lid.


So I checked a couple other keg lids, and none of them worked.  Although I did get one to hold pressure while the gas was on.  So it's sitting in the fridge, hopefully carbonating.  I will check it Friday, and if I need to, I'll filter it.  Then I have to re-carbonate it to have it ready to ship to Nationals by Monday.

Check back.


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