26 January 2011

Ways to Prevent and Cure Hangovers

College Crunch published a list of ways to prevent and cure hangovers.  The first thing to prevent hangovers, of course, is "Don't Drink."  Well, duh.  And number 4 was debunked on MythBusters as was number 7.  (Yes, I take the bulk of my scientific knowledge from TV.  Sue me.)  Otherwise, the rest of the list is pretty interesting.

Here's the list.  Read the article for the reasons:


   1. Don't Drink, or Drink Less.
   2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.
   3. Eat Before, During and After You Drink.
   4. Don't Mix It Up.
   5. Choose Light Alcohol Over Dark.
   6. Avoid Sugary and Carbonated Drinks.


   7. Have Some Caffeine.
   8. Take an Aspirin. DO NOT take Tylenol or any pill with acetaminophen.
   9. Sleep It Off.
  10. Take a B-complex vitamin, vitamin C or multivitamin.
  11. Exercise.
  12. Take a Shower.

Oddly, I first heard the term "congeners" on Modern Marvels distilling shows.  Suddenly, every thing I've read in the last few days has used it.


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