22 November 2010

How to Bust Your Beer Gut

The Huffington Post is a normally not a source of posts on this blog.  But this is too good to pass up.

Susan B. Dopart is a Santa Monica Nutritionist and author.  She wrote that a beer belly is made up of visceral fat, which affects cholesterol, heart, kidney and bran, and increase your chances of cancer.  Use a tape measure and measure your waist.  Men with a gut bigger than 40 inches (Gulp!) and women with a gut bigger than 35 inches are in the biggest danger.

Lifestyle Change Can Help You Bust Visceral Fat
1. Exercise just 30 minutes per day. "Moderate levels of cardio-respiratory fitness are associated with a 50 percent lower death rate, and this applies in both women and men," states Dr. Steven Blair, professor of Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina and former director of the Cooper Institute. Dr. Blair defines moderate intensity exercise as walking for 30 minutes on five or more days of the week. If there ever was a magic bullet to lowering fat in the body and increasing health, this is it.
I like the 3rd one. I saw a study recently that said you are more likely to succeed in a diet if you wrote down what you consumed. 2. Stick to a nutritious, anti-inflammatory diet. Consuming unprocessed food in its natural state such as local organic produce, nuts/seeds, lean protein such as grass fed meat, pasture raised poultry and eggs, wild fish, organic dairy, unprocessed grains such as buckwheat, wild or brown rice, quinoa; and healthy fats such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.
3. Eat mindfully. Take 10 minutes out of your busy day to focus on your food and the enjoyment and nourishment it gives you. Eating mindfully helps with being in touch with the amount of food your body needs to match your metabolic rate, keeping your body fat normal.


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