18 October 2010

The Satan Push - Stop 5 - Freetail Brewing Company

I only have a few rules in life.  Some have multiple applications:  "Don't dip your pen in company ink", for example, applies to office supplies and personal relationships in the workplace.  Some are life lessons: "You can only count on yourself" or "Always watch your back."

One is very simple:  "Never drive by Freetail without stopping."

The plan was to meet my nephew and his wife for lunch at Freetail Brewing Company, then head over to Ranger Creek.  My nephew works nights for Boeing, so this would be breakfast for him.  (Beer for breakfast.  I miss my 20s.)

As usual, the food was excellent, but the real winner was the beer.  I've never had a bad beer here, and still haven't.  I had a sour beer while my brother, who had complained that his wife never lets him do the things Satan and I do and decided to join us, had the Spirulina Wit.

Satan was raised on a farm.  On that farm was a medium sized flood control lake chock full of algae frogs.  The Spirulina Wit looked like a glass of that.  Or like a green bean smoothie.  It was a murky bright green with next to no carbonation.  It had an herbal aroma that was hard to describe, and tasted light and herbal.  Like it was good for you.  It was surprisingly good. It would have been better if it were more carbonated, but if we weren't heading for a brewery tour, I would have ordered a pint.

Our waitress was awesome, in multiple ways.  She was prompt and attentive, even if at times she seemed to be covering someone else's tables besides her own.  She had an athlete's body and was well inked.  She looked like she could rip me in two.  I tipped well, both for my safety and for her service.  Then we loaded up the car for the drive across town to Ranger Creek.


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