10 March 2010

Thinking Out Loud

Thanks to a New York Times article about beer travel I have an idea! Open a brewery east of Fredericksburg, somewhere along Highway 290, where all of the wineries are. There would be grain fields where barley is grown (It wouldn't be malted there. It's an education thing.), there would be a hop yard (Those would be used in a harvest ale, but again, it's more an educational thing.), a nice little picnic area with a covered stage for live music and maybe a big pit barbecue, and a few B&Bs rented to people who want to be free labor picking hops, cleaning mash tuns, bottling the beer.

The whole idea would get people to stop thinking of beer as something that comes out of a factory, but as something that comes out of a farm.

Please note, if you want to use this idea, I would be happy to sell it to you. But I won't clean your mash tuns.

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