01 March 2010

OMG! Canadians drink beer! Who woulda thought?

Photos of the women's Canadian Hockey Team celebrating their Olympic victory with beer and cigars on the ice has stirred up a lot of controversy. People are complaining that they should have celebrated in the locker room, not in public. Here's how to prevent that: Make the Olympics private! Don't sell tickets. Don't sell beer at the venue. Don't allow alcohol in Olympic Village, and don't sell beer in the host city. That should take care of it!

Why are people so intent on taking away all of life's joys? Celebrate a gold medal? Not where people can see you.

Yes, one of the chicks was underage. Less than a month underage.

Where's the outrage over Jon Montgomery celebrating his gold medal walking the streets of Whistler with a pitcher of beer? He was in full view of the public. The hockey players were in full view of, well, no public, just the media. No children were exposed to the scourge of canned beer in their case. How many children will require years of counseling, how many children will drive drunk after seeing Montgomery with a pitcher of the frothy gold liquid in clear view?

Effin' Prohibitionists.


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