03 March 2010

Pedernales Brewing Company

I got an interesting email today. You'll recall that I've been blogging about Pedernales Brewing Company, and whether or not it will be in Spicewood or Fredericksburg.

My name is Lee Hereford. I am a principal in the Pedernales Brewing Company, LLC, to be based in Fredericksburg. We are the only valid company bearing the name of Pedernales Brewing Company. We are nearing completion of our initial funding phase, and will be located in Fredericksburg. We are chartered with the Texas Secretary of State, as an LLC, in that name. We also have a Federal EIN in that name. I have no idea who the people are in Spicewood, or why they are trying to use our name, but our legal counsel is investigating it and we will take whatever actions are necessary to protect our name.

Best Regards,
Lee Hereford
Pedernales Brewing Company, LLC
Fredericksburg, TX

I have Lee's permission to reprint this. Lee has also invited me to meet with him, but, due to a family illness, my time is occupied elsewhere for a bit. As soon as I can find time to sit down and talk to him, I will pass along anything he will allow.

Hmm. I wonder if he has a quality control/taste tester position open?


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