28 February 2010

Buddy's Amber

With NHC approaching, it's time to brew my best scoring beer ever: BUDDY'S AMBER!

Buddy Harry is the reason I brew today. He taught my cousin and my cousin taught me. Harry passed away a few years ago. His widow passed away last year. Now they're together again.

Buddy's Amber
6 gal batch | 60% efficiency* | OG 1060 | 36 IBUs | 13.7 SRM | 60 min boil
13# US 2 row malt
1.5# Crystal 40
1# Munich
1# Victory
.5# flaked wheat
1/2 oz Northern Brewer/60 min (9.4 IBUs)
.75 oz Cascade / 30 min (7.3 IBUs)
.5 oz Northern Brewer/ 15 min (4.y IBUs)
1.5 oz cracked black pepper/ 5 min
WLP007 Dry English Ale
Mash at 154°F for 60 minutes.

I brewed this this morning and got 1.050.

*I know what needs to be done to fix my efficiency, just don't know how to do it. I'm not too mechanically inclined. I need a manifold.

posted by Jeff Holt at 15:00


Blogger Jim Johanssen said...

Good to see you brewing a nice beer. I saw the black pepper in the recipe, at what point do you add it, in the boil? I was too lazy to look and see what type of mash screen you use but anything below 60% is poor efficency. Have you seen Basic Brewing's mash technique where they use a cheese cloth bag (CHEEP!)and seem to get about 80% efficenecy.


9:47 AM  
Blogger Jeffrey said...

I batch sparge with Denny Conn's braided toilet hose, and my efficiency has been slowly sliding downward. I have someone helping me build a copper manifold for the bottom of my cooler. It's just that he's busy, and it may take a few days.

I add the pepper at 5 minutes left in the boil.

The cheese cloth bag may me the next step!

10:48 AM  

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