16 February 2010

"The Giant" at Fredericksburg Brewing Company

I stopped by Fredericksburg Brewing Company this afternoon to find that "The Giant" was out. Every February, they release a monster stout upon the world. This one clocks in at 8.2%. I like stouts, but this wasn't quite dry enough. Still a great beer, but it left a ring of sugar on my lips.

While I was drink my second of three pints, Rick Green, the brewmaster, got a call from Garrison Brothers Distillery. He is getting five 10 gallon whiskey barrels from the distillery in Hye. Rick wants to put The Giant into the barrels. That would put this beer through the roof!

He will be picking up the barrels on Thursday, so I'm looking forward to see what happens.


posted by Jeff Holt at 17:24


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