22 March 2010

Kitchen Sink Mild

Over the last year, I have collected a small pile of assorted grains. That's the problem ordering from some shops, you have to buy a pound of grain to get 2 ounces to add to your beer. So I decided to come with a recipe, and, since I failed to take inventory last time I brewed H2DC, I had over a pound of Crisp Amber Malt, and 3 ounces of Simpsons Chocolate Malt. So whatever I brewed would be English. Since I wanted it to be inexpensive, I decided on a mild.

Kitchen Sink Mild Ale
6 gal | 60% eff. | OG 1.035 | IBUs 18.8 | SRM 17.8
7# Marris Otter
1.5# Amber Malt
.5# Crystal 40L
.25# Crystal 120L
.25# Simpsons Chocolate Malt
.25# wheat malt
1 ounce cascade 5.5%/60 minutes
WLP 007 British Ale


posted by Jeff Holt at 07:23


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