20 January 2009

Black Wine Update

I decided to transfer the black wine to secondary to free up fermenter space. The original gravity was 1.14, and the gravity at transfer was 1.072. It seems I had used a British Ale yeast that wimps out at 9% alcohol. So the beer is still way too sweet. I asked around, and I got two good pieces of advice: put the beer on another beer's yeast bed, and pitch two vials of WLP001.

Fortunately, a couple of weeks ago, I brewed "Flatonia Bock," a Shiner Bock clone. I used an ale yeast that is viable up to 14% alcohol.

To make a long story even longer, after kegging the Flatonia Bock, I transferred the Black wine to the other fermenter, and aerated. Then, a few days later, I added the two vials of WLP001.

More waiting!


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