22 January 2009

Flatonia Bock

Flatonia Bock 3# 6-row malt
3# Vienna Malt
2.5# flaked corn
1# Crystal 60L
.5# roasted barley
1 oz Northern Brewer 5.7%/60 min
WLP060 American Ale Blend

I mashed at 154° F, then collected 5 gallons of wort, and boiled for 60 minutes. The original gravity was 1.050.

Two weeks later, I kegged it. Final gravity was 1.023, which gives me about 3.5% alcohol. It is almost the exact same color as a Shiner Bock. Tastes almost the same, except it's a bit more roasty. Next time, I'll use Carafa Special to cut back on that. Should be good in a month!


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