10 December 2008

Old MILFwaukee, a. k. a. Alimony Ale

Unable to wait any longer, and being out of any other beer, I poured a pint of Old MILFwaukee. It poured up an golden yellow, leaning towards amber, with a nice white head. Didn't have a lot of aroma, but there were some hops there. Slight haze, but mostly clear. I accidentally kegged this a week early. I would have fined it with some gelatin if I had been paying attention.

I took a sip. Not bad,but I sure could tell I used Sorachi Ace. It has a very harsh bitterness. Do yourself a favor, avoid this hop. It does have a lemony aroma, and that's what saves it from being flat out nasty. After three pints, there was an intense bitterness on the back of my tongue.

So I dubbed it Alimony Ale. Then I tried The Bitch In Austin, Do I Sound Bitter? Then I remembered a line from Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Crow T. Robot would often say "You do it, I'm bitter." Finally I came back to Alimony Ale.

It's actually pretty good, once you get past the hops. But I won't be using Sorachi Ace anymore.


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