12 August 2008

Aud's No Scufflin' Ale Update

I drew off some yeast from the barley wine last week, and took a sample to measure. If you will remember, the original gravity was 1.122. The gravity was 1.056, making it about 8% abv. It looked like there was some yeast still in suspension. Ithad a nice hoppy aroma with some malt in the background. But it's still too sweet. It is supposed to finish around 1.025.

After consulting with Satan, and Bugeater in the BN forums, I decided to let the barley wine sit for six weeks, or August 24. But here's the question: pitch another vial of yeast to help dry that sucker out?

Bugeater cautioned me that I might be sacrificing good yeast, because the alcohol content of the beer may kill them before they can acclimatize and start fermenting. He also said that I should put this into secondary for several months, because there is a lot of sugar that the yeast have to eat through. He predicted it would be ready for Thanksgiving 2009.

So I will make a 500ml starter, let it sit until it starts to kick the airlock and pitch the yeast into the barley wine and see what happens.

But so far, I like the flavor. Maybe the slump is over?


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