06 April 2008

An Explanation

The other day, I came home from work and checked my email and found a note from someone in Midland who knows Satan and wanted to invite him to their homebrew club meeting.

I call my cousin Satan for two reasons: One, it irritates him. Two, I don't want to give out too much identifying information on this here Interweb thingie. It's almost criminally easy to find out anything about anyone on the Internet. Giving Satan's real name and his place of business would be giving out too much info. Despite him being a certified, US Army trained killer and typist, he really doesn't need a stalker.

My local brewing partner runs a bed and breakfast, but I don't want to give out his name either. I'm not being an ass and trying to shift all the focus on me, but I am aware that there are folks lurking in the corners of cyberspace who are not nice. In my local brewing partner's case, I don't want someone reading my blog then traipsing out to the B&B for a look around for the brewing equipment. If you want to book his B&B, you can look on this page.

The main reason I don't want to identify them is laziness. Since I occasionally write about them, or at least what we brewed, if I named them, I would have to let them approve what I publish. Since I don't name them, I can always tell them, "Oh, that wasn't you."

So, you will forgive me if I give my friends some anonymity here.


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