04 April 2008

Off to Nationals

I went to Midland last Sunday to deliver beer for shipment to the first round of Nationals. I submitted Peppercorn Rye-Bock and Hubert Wolters' West Texas Wheat. Satan thinks the PRB, as we call it, has a pretty good chance to advance. The wheat wasn't wheaty enough, he thought.

We're also sending two of his beers, Brother Spuds Oatmeal Stout, and Wit Willy (a Belgian Wit). Satan has asked that I do not reveal his recipes. Brother Spuds is roasty with a nice tan head. I don't know if it's creamy enough, but Satan has his hopes set on that one. Wit Willy is a little over-carbonated, but still. . . A couple of weeks ago, I drank one after sampling a Sam Adams Summer Ale, and I thought Wit Willy was better.

Finally, the best of the lot. A month ago, I went to Midland and Satan and I brewed my recipe for Welton's Wild Cow Dunleweiss. I intended to make it a Wiezenbock, but miscalculated the recipe. It's a very nice dunkel, and we think it might do well. Again, I'm sworn to secrecy regarding the recipe.

Wish us luck! We'd very much like to bring a medal home from Cincinnati in June.


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