12 March 2008

What the Future Holds

I have a short attention span. I can stick with something only so long before I move on. I am in the middle of writing a 300 page comic based on my experiences as an exchange student in Japan, called "Chasing the Sun." I got to the middle about two years ago and got started doing something else. I finally picked up painting using the Bob Ross technique because it's fast and easy. That's why I brew extract beers.

My cousin, Satan (as in "Get thee behind me. . ."), told me the other day that he wished I would start doing all grain because my beers would taste better. Then we spent almost eleven hours brewing a wiezenbock, about which I am sworn to secrecy. Some days, it's easier to get beer from a store than brew it.

I do want to return to all grain brewing. I brewed a few batches back before the millennium. I am collecting parts for my own brewing system. As soon as I have everything collected, I hope to either browbeat my Honey Creek brewing partner into welding me a frame, or I will hire it out.

Currently, I have the fittings to convert one keg and a counterflow chiller. I just received a check from my ads that will buy a couple of burners. That still leaves the parts to convert a second keg, two pumps and the electronics.

Of course, first I have to figure out my contamination problems. . .


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