26 February 2008

"There be wheat beers here!"

Wolters' West Texas Wheat -I fined it with some gelatin a couple of days ago. It was cloudy and smelled good. I used Sorachi Ace which is supposed to have some lemon aroma, and I did detect some citrus in the aroma. But it was flat, and I have had a cold. . . Tasted fine. I used American Hefe yeast which brought the banana flavor down. There is some fruit flavors, but the three little sips I had weren't enough to let me identify it. OG was 1.054, FG was 1.010 which is about 5.8% abv. If we ever open a brewery, this might be a beer to make. It had been kegged and is in the fridge.

Skirt Lifter Imperial Hefe Weiss - Or, as I have thought about calling it: Banana beer! It fermented a bit hot, and so there was some very strong banana esters. So strong that it disguised the fact that it is about 8.3% abv. (OG 1088, FG 1026). It's muddy, though. I have racked it to secondary and will keg it this weekend. But when I racked it, I discovered the source of the muddiness: the spigot was an inch below the surface of the yeast cake!

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