22 February 2008

German Beer Sales at 15-year Low

For the last few weeks, my inbox has been filling up with news clippings about the looming beer crisis in Germany. Germans are becoming more health concious, and switching from beer to juices.

"Our regular customers are getting older and don't drink as much any more, and generally, Germans prefer milder tastes today and are more health-conscious," German Brewers' Association spokesman Marc-Oliver Huhnholz said.

Combine that with a rainy summer and no big sporting event, like the last World Cup, and beer sales are down 2.7%. Meanwhile, soda and juice sales have risen 18%.

Deutsche Welle, Germany's news organization, does report that local specialties are still selling well.

Surely this is a sign of the coming Apocolypse.

Sources: BBC, Associated Press, Canadian Press, Forbes, Deutsche Welle, and a hundred others.


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