02 March 2008

National Homebrewer's Conference 2008

Back in January, I booked a hotel room in Cincinnati over Father's Day weekend for the NHC, "just in case." I mean Satan and my calendars are pretty full. We both work full time, and we both instigated a family reunion for the first weekend in August, which will be the first time the entire Roger Holt family has been together since the 1980s. I didn't think we would have time to make it to Cincinnati!

I was discussing it with Satan, and he said, "Phuk et." I knew he wasn't referring to the village in Thailand, so, we registered. I have planned our route, since we can't afford to fly, and plan on hitting several brewpubs along the way to and from, and even plan a visit to Makers Mark and, NASCAR willing, The Brickyard in Indianapolis. We're taking the "Long Way Home" through St. Louis (to see the Arch), Kansas City (for BBQ) and Oklahoma City ('cause it's on the way back to Dallas).

Anyone else going to NHC?


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