10 March 2008

Contest Beer Update

I visited Satan in Midland to discuss the upcoming NHC and to brew a wiezenbock, to which I have been sworn to secrecy. We plan to enter the wiezenbock in the Big Batch Brew in Houston in May. Before brew day, we sampled beers we thought we would enter into NHC.

His Wit Willie, brewed with chamomile tea, was excellent. The last batch of Brother Spuds Oatmeal Stout was delicious and creamy. I thought he had too much oats, but other than that, I thought it was fine.

Next we poured a bottle of peppercorn rye-bock. Green apples. Rat farts! And I just sent some into the Bluebonnet Brew Off! Monkey muffins!

Next I poured him some Excelsior Oktoberfest Ale. Butterscotch. Big time butterscotch! Rabbit pellets! Guess what else I just sent to contest.

I put my head in my hands and wept as Satan poured us some Kentucky WTF. It started out as my Kentucky Common, but didn't sour. I asked Satan if it could be a porter. He swirled the beer in his mouth a few times, then allowed that it might just qualify for a porter.

Hopefully it won't go bad before I send it to NHC.

I am considering not entering anything of mine. And I am also considering giving up brewing and just going to the liquor store for beer.

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