26 October 2005

Holiday Beer - The Photo

Here's a picture of I took of my brewing partner stirring the Holiday beer we brewed Sunday.

We transferred the beer to secondary, and the gravity was 1011. The Original gravity was 1045. Here's the formula to calculate the percentage of alcohol by weight:

ABW = 76.08(OG-FG)/(1.775-OG)

So: ABW = 76.08 (1.045-1.011)/(1.775-1.045).
= 76.08 (.034)/(.071)
= 36.4 ?

I know the beer isn't 36% alcohol. So I headed over the The Beer Math Calculator and entered my figures. According to their math, the ABW is 3.4%. It also said my beer had 202 calories per pint.

I use ProMash to record my beers. It says my ABW is 3.49%.

I still don't know why my figure using the math came out 36.4. Anyone have an idea where I went wrong?

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