10 September 2014

Fredericksburg Brewing Company's 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago yesterday, the Fredericksburg Brewing Company opened its doors. Last night they threw a birthday party, and invited the whole town. While you had to pay for your beer, the BBQ was free.

When I went into the restaurant, I was handed a green pint glass koozie and a raffle ticket.

There were 9 beers on tap for the event, Not So Dumb Blonde Ale, Enchanted Rock Red Ale, Peace Pipe Pale Ale, Pioneer Porter, Oktoberfest, Peach ale, Anniversary Ale, and . . .

I forget the other two.

I had the Oktoberfest (very good) and the Aniversary Ale, a DIPA (wonderful).

I met a couple of young ladies from Australia. One blond and the other a brunette. They were working their way across the states, and Fredericksburg was a stop between Austin and San Antonio. They had heard about the Wineries around here were taking a tour the next day. After a couple of days in San Antonio, they were headed for Fort Worth to see a Texas Rodeo.  Their next stop was Memphis and Nashville before heading to New York. The brunette asked me if it would be better to drive, and I told them it was only an 8 or 9 hour drive from Fort Worth.

There was live music at the party, The Sauerkrauts performed. They are a local Oompah band and
they always put on a great show.

I didn't stay the whole night, just a couple of hours. I gave my raffle ticket to the Aussies.  I hope they won something.


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