02 September 2014

Drink Craft Beer's 5 Rules to Rare Beer

Drink Craft Beer posted an editorial about how people should act around rare beer. I tend to obey all those rules, especially #s 1 and 2. When I see the latest Divine Reserve at the local honey hole, I automatically assume someone will be in after me, so I only buy 1 six pack. If it's there next week, though, it's fair game. And I never put it up on eBay.

Beer of Tomorrow posted an article further exploring #3, and the chase card mentality that is too often on display around these beers:

"Ironically our consumer culture has wired us to amass and hoard instead of simply consuming, and I would urge you to think about what you are more interested in having: a closet full of expensive and rare beers, or memories of drinking and sharing a wide variety of beers with your buddies. Every bottle in your cellar is a bottle of beer that you didn’t enjoy. Certainly don’t cellar a beer that you’ve never tried!"

I have a friend who travels a lot, and is always bringing great beer home to share with us, and if we can't be there to share, she'll wait until we can all get together. For her, the sharing of the beer is the most important part.

What do you think?


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Blogger Steve said...

A couple of releases back of the Devine Reserve series, I found some bombers at a grocery store a day or so after release. I put a couple of bottles in my cart and left the rest on the shelf for someone else to find. I was turning away when a guy ran in, put everything left on the shelf in his cart, smiled at me and said, "that should makes three cases so far!" and headed towards the checkout stand. Unfortunately, he's the epitome of a lot of the new beer geeks. They get off on hoarding and trading and not the enjoying and sharing.

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