08 September 2014

America's First 99 Pack

Austin Beer Works had a problem. Their Peace Maker Extra Pale Ale wasn't selling. People associated it with hoppier IPAs, but instead, it was and ale that was extra pale. Most people, unlike me, are not beer geeks, and we knew that.

The brewery consulted their ad agency, Helms Workshop, who came up with an awesome idea: the 99 pack. Filmed at Austin's Library of Beers, Whip In, the ad shows two customers hoisting the 99 pack over their heads as they walk down two aisles.

The corny little ad went global. My news clipper is full of

The original 20 packs sold out. The brewery will do another run, eventually totaling 99 cases.

FYI, their Fire Eagle IPA is damned good!


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