18 July 2014

Good News For My Massachusetts Friends!

Shiner Beer will start selling in Massachusetts this month. Gary Dzen wrote a story about it that includes a review of Shiner Bock. He was not impressed.

Dzen wrote: "One of the drawbacks of pouring this beer into a glass is having to look at it five minutes later. After a while it begins to look like flat Coke."

It made me laugh, because it reminded me of a joke.

At the Great American Beer Festival, the head of Budweiser, the head of Coors, and the head of Shiner stopped at a bar. The Budweiser guy ordered a bud Light, "The biggest selling beer in the world!" The Coors guy order a Coors Light, "The Silver Bullet!" The Shiner guy ordered a Coke.  "Why didn't you order a Shiner?" one of the others asked.

"If you aren't going to order beer, I won't either."

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