06 July 2014

From the Departement of the Blindingly Obvious: Indiana Teens Prefer Cold Beer

Sometimes, I am amazed at stupid things that people say, and the way it makes them sound.

In Indiana, you can only by cold beer at a liquor store. Convenience stores and grocery stores, among others, cannot refrigerate beer. Of course, these stores would like to sell cold beer, so they have been fighting to get a law passed that allow them to do it, and recently they lost. Again.

The liquor stores argued that letting these stores sell cold beer would give minors "more chances to buy beer". Statistics show, however, sales to minors at liquor stores account for 20% of the violations in the state. Restaurants lead the list at 60%, and c-stores and grocery stores account for 16% of underage sales. Restaurants and liquor stores sell cold beer, and account for 80% of underage sales. Therefore, minors prefer cold beer over warm beer.

Of course it's in the liquor stores' interest to keep those underage sales in their stores rather than letting a c-store get them. It's called competition!

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