28 June 2014

Bridgeport Trilogy 2 Aussie Salute IPA - A Review

Thanks to my friends at Bridgeport Brewing in Oregon, I got to try a couple of bottles of Aussie Salute IPA, which uses antipodean hops Galaxy and Ella. It is available in Austin, but I don't get to go there as often as I used to.

Appearance (0-3): Pours up a hazy gold with a rocky white head that lingers. 3 points

Aroma/Bouquet (0-4): Faint hop aroma with notes of mint. Interesting. 3 points

Taste (0-10): The beer is medium-bodies with good carbonation. Flavor starts with a subtle malt sweetness that transitions into a pine flavor then an almost mint flavor. Finishes with an almost too firm bitterness on the back of my tongue.  7 points

Overall Impression (0-3): I liked it, but it's not my favorite IPA. It's a tad too bitter. But the Australian hops have an interesting flavor. 2 points

Total (0-20): 15 points

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