24 June 2014

Great Ideas Come in The Middle of the Night

I have been halfheartedly working on revising my book, Historic Texas Breweries (click image to the left to purchase the first edition) for a year or so. I'm easily distracted.

At my little speech last month, they organizers emphasized that I was writing a book. So I got back to work and organized the revision to focus on the regions of Texas, rather than on an alphabetical list of towns.

Last week, I woke up at 4 am for a trip to the bathroom. Afterwards, while snuggling back under the covers, it occurred to me that organizing by regions was the wrong approach, and that the book should be divided into three parts: Pre-Prohibition, Post-Prohibition until 1994 (the birth of brew pubs), and 1994 to Present. Further, I should sort the breweries by opening date, so the reader can track the spread of breweries, particularly in Pre-Prohibition days.

This doesn't affect much of the brewery write ups, but it does significantly change the framing structure I had set up.

I don't know that I will ever finish the darned thing!


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