22 June 2014

CYBI Wake and Bake

Terrapin Wake And Bake has been one of those beers that I only have every once in a while. I can't get it here in Paradise. I picked up a couple of four packs last year in Athens. I loved it!

The Brewing Network has had this recipe in their sights a couple of times. The last was on the Brewing Network's Can You Brew It? show. You can find the other version of the recipe on this blog.

Here's how this batch turned out:

Aroma (0-3): Large coffee notes, hints of alcohol. 3 points

Appearance (0-4): Jet black with an off white head that dissipates quickly.  2 points

Taste (0-10):  Starts with a chocolatey sweetness that slowly moves into a chocolate coffee flavor. Full bodied. No hops detected.  9 points

Overall Impression (0-3): I love this beer!  It's definitely a sipper. 3 points

Total: 17 points

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