14 January 2014

"German Brewers Hop Onto the Flavor Bandwagon"

It seems I am not alone in my love for dry hopped beer. German brewers are beginning to come up with their own hop varieties. Here's my favorite quote from the article:
Sebastian Hiersick, 35, a cook in Berlin, generally does not like “normal German beer.” “It’s either too hoppy, too malty, or too carbonated,” Hiersick said.
Turns out, German brewers are experimenting with dry hopping, and the different fruity flavors they can impart.
“I like them because they don’t taste like beer,” [Magdalen Reskin] said.
One new German hop called "Mandarina Bavaria" has honeydew melon,  tangerine, and citrus notes.

The article mentions that many Germans can't believe those flavors aren't additives, and a violation of the Reinheitsgebot.


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