16 September 2012

Beer Glass Shape Affects Drinking Speed

If you're a true beer snob, it's likely that you have a different glass for different beer styles. You know, hefeweizens in tulip glasses, German Lagers in a maß, Belgian beers in a chalice, or Sam Adams in a Sam Adams glass. Turns out, the glass shape influences how quickly you quaff.

A recent study discovered, after watching people drink while watching TV, that folks who drank from straight sided glasses took 13 minutes to drink their beer, while those who drank from curved glasses slammed theirs down in less than eight.

It took me three tries to read why this happens but never could quite figure out what they were saying. Then I found a Gizmodo article on it: "drinkers, the scientists claim, pace themselves according to how quickly they reach the half-way point down their drink. In a fluted glass, it's more difficult to work out where that is, so self-moderation flies out the window."


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