06 April 2012

Eola School - Eola - Beer Day Trip

A couple of weeks ago, late on a Friday night, I decided that I needed to head to Eola and see what was going on at Eola School Brewery. I hadn't seen Mark since February, and was wondering what he had on tap.

He had what he described as an all-malt blonde ale, a black IPA, a light beer with flaked corn and a stout. He started me off with the all-malt blonde.  It was nice and crisp. The black IPA was almost gone, he poured me a pint from a growler, and the familiar flavor he had shared with me a month earlier had mellowed.  Next, Mark poured me his Double IPA, Big Prick.

Mark tends to back off on his flavors when he brews. He's concerned that his customers won't appreciate what he's trying. I can see it, since he'd poured me his black IPA six weeks ago.

Mark showed of the last of his Big Prick DIPA t-shirts, complete with a saguero cactus in the logo. It was a nice looking shirt. Now, I haven't been able to buy a t-shirt from Mark for a couple of years. He normally only buys L and XL and XXL. So I asked if he had the XXL Big Prick shirt.  He said he hadn't bought a XXL in a while.  "Mark! I've been on a diet for six months so I can buy a shirt from you!" (I was XXXL and Mark never, ever bought that size.)

Mark doubled over in laughter, but never said he would buy an XXL shirt.

Crap! Another 50 pounds to go!

Suddenly, I got a text from my friend KC, who is one of Satan's friends. She was upset that I hadn't let her know I would be heading to Eola. I apologized. Frankly, I hadn't thought about anyone by me. Sorry, KC!

Mark was already busy when I arrived, and more people filed in as I ate my pizza. Mark, the sole employee of Eola School restaurant, spent most of the time I was there waiting on thirteen people (besides me). And as another group came in I decided I should head to San Angelo and visit Joe's Brewhouse in downtown San Angelo.

More to come. . .

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