14 February 2012

Double Horn Brewing Company

On Saturday, a friend and I went to Marble Falls to try out Double Horn Brewing Company. It was a good driving day, except for the wind, but what can you do about it?

Double Horn Brewing Company is right on US Highway 281 as you come into town.  It's a bit hard to get to, what with Marble Falls' traffic, but a quick circle of the block got us into the parking lot. Inside, it is light and airy--pale walls and dark stained concrete floor. Old Texas maps and photos of various businesses named "Double Horn" were on the walls. Naturally, the brewing area was behind glass, because that's how the terrorists will get us: by poisoning the beer supplies in small town brew pubs.

I ordered a sampler. and as the waitress walked away we looked around.

The restaurant is on a high point, across the street from the famous Bluebonnet Cafe, and has a nice view of the road. Unfortunately, not a view of the river.

We continued to chat, noticing that people were trickling in at a good pace, and I idly began to wonder where the waitress was. She'd been gone awhile. Perhaps she was brewing the beer for the sampler? Finally she returned with my sampler.

The wheat beer was quite good. Normally, wheats are a little too thin and flavorless. This one had a nice grain note to sparkle it up. The 1855 Pale Ale definitely leaned West Coast, but wasn't too hoppy. The porter was excellent. Nice and chocolatey. Finally, the last beer was a Black IPA, or a Cascadian Dark Ale, depending on what side of the argument you come down on.  I was only a little disappointed that there wasn't enough pine flavored hops, but it was good enough to order a full pint.

The menu is impressive. It was a good thing the waitress took such a long time.  It took me the entire time to whittle down my choices. After the sampler arrived, I decided on a Texas Cheesesteak, a "beer braised brisket topped with sauteed mushrooms, pepperdews and smoked provolone on a hoagie bun." Ingenious! I ordered a Thirsty Planet Thirsty Goat off the Texas Craft Beer list, and my friend had a (512) Pecan Porter with her chocolate tart.

Just moments after receiving the last pints (and her tort), the waitress dropped off the bill. Thanked us and left. "I guess she's decided we've had enough," I muttered. "We must be stinking up their restaurant," my friend replied with a laugh.

Double Horn Brewing is a fine addition to the Texas Brew Pub scene. If only it was closer to my house.


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