30 November 2011

Social Media Users Love Beer

You know how beer snobs, excuse me, Craft Beer Entushiasts get when Budweiser or Coors is mentioned?  Exactly! They say things like "If you like crappy beer, I guess it's okay."  Then they look down their noses like someone just stepped in dog poo.

Turns out, on social media, Budweiser, Miller and Coors are much more popular, and the users who support the brands have more followers than Craft Beer Entushiasts.

Social media users were generally very positive about all the major beer brands, with only Budweiser receiving any significant amount of negative comment. Budweiser was the least loved popular beer brand over the 12 months, with 31% of opinions expressing a negative sentiment about the American beer giant. 
Guinness (DGE), on the other hand, was the most loved beer on social media. 82% of opinions expressed enthusiasm for the Irish favorite. Social media users made a positive association between Ireland, pubs and Guinness that led to a flood of positive comment for the world's most famous stout.  



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Anonymous HarleyDavidsonMerch said...

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