04 May 2011

Kölsch I Said So - Kegging Day

On Sunday, I kegged K├Âlsch I Said So.  I was anticipating problems.  My last few batches of beer have been cloudy, and I was afraid this beer would be the same.  The first pour for testing purposes, at left, showed a slight haze, but as it transferred to the keg it cleared up nicely.

My original gravity was 1.052 and the final gravity was 1.000, which gives me 6.8% abv.

I took a sip.

Fairly clean, I thought, but a bit tart in the finish.  So off the the BJCP to see if I was FUBARed.

Soft, rounded palate comprising of a delicate flavor balance between soft yet attenuated malt, an almost imperceptible fruity sweetness from fermentation, and a medium-low to medium bitterness with a delicate dryness and slight pucker in the finish (but no harsh aftertaste).
So it appears that I may have accidentally fallen into the style parameters, and just might have a good beer this time.  YAY!

Although, I will have to wait until the beer has carbonated and has aged a bit.  I now have to contemplate why my beers are over-attenuating. . .


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