03 May 2011

Buy bloberglawp

I am a proud member of the BN Army.  I hang out in the forums under the handle Dirk McLargeHuge. A couple of years ago, another BN Army member called bloberglawp on the forums, showed up at Oakland NHC for the first BNA4.  A character in the best sende of the world, blober even has a thread on the BN Forums call "Blober the King."  In that thread, as a joke, I made a T-Shirt for him using a really creepy photo blober posted several years ago, and a slogan by codewritinfool, the BN Forum mod.

Blober is now using that design to raise money for a trip to this year's NHC.  Go order a few dozen. Everyone needs to experience bloberblawp.

Unfortunately, there is no "Phat Phuk" size.  :(

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

phat phuck sizes coming as soon as possible, fear not my huge friend...


3:13 PM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...


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