22 August 2010

Shadow Warrior Update!

On moment, everything was fine, the next, high krausen came out through the airlock! After a quick clean up I emailed Satan, "Shadow warrior tried to escape. Filled the airlock up with krausen. I cleaned up and added three drops of anti-foam. Currently Shadow Warrior is contained. Repeat, Shadow Warrior is contained. Threat level Orange. Repeat, Threat level Orange."

To which Satan responded, "The carpet is stained dark brown, I say again, the carpet is stained dark brown."

"Containment procedures were successful. Deployment of absorbant materials prevented disasterous overflow situation," I sent back.

Yes, we have too much time on our hands.

Update Update!

Original Gravity was 1.124, and I took a gravity today of 1.049, which gives an alcohol content of 10.07% ABV. And it's still kicking. I can feel the hangover already!

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