08 August 2010

World's Strongest Beer Sold In Stuffed Squirrels

Shark, this is BrewDog Brewing. They will be jumping you today.

BrewDog Brewing recently announced that they are, once again, releasing the World's Strongest Beer©™: the 55% ABV "The End of History." The beer bottles will be inside dead squirrels. That's right. Inside dead squirrels. And it will cost about $775.

Naturally, this packaging stunt is drawing fire. Animal rights activists are incensed, and frankly, I can't blame them. If your focus in on beer, packaging it in dead animals is superfluous at best.

BeerNews.org reported that James Watt answered critics by saying, "How many of the haters are stuck in a job they hate, working for a company that sucks, sitting on their ale soaked arses with nothing better to do than to become uber self righteous in a bid to justify their own existence?"

Well, how many brewers are constantly trying to out offend people with every release? Jeebus, James, just make good beer! You don't need to stoop to this sort of hucksterism.

Fortunately, The End of History is sold out.


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