10 August 2010

JP's Bourbon Oak-Aged Oat Stout - Brew Report

Did you ever wake up at three am and say, "Crap! I forgot to make a starter!"?

I did that a few days ago when I brewed up JP's Bourbon Oak-Aged Oat Stout. (Third post down. I changed the recipe to fit my efficiency and left out the cocoa nibs.)

As soon as I woke up, I made a 500ml starter and pitched my yeast. I figured that a smaller starter, while not the best option, might, just might get me enough yeast to ferment this beer. Then I started the brewing process.

My brewing software predicted a pre-boil gravity of 1.048, and I got 1.039. I figured I would boil an extra fifteen minutes and things should be okay.

Things went well until 7 minutes from the end of the boil. Then the propane ran out.

So I tossed in my 5 minute hops and said "Macht's Nicht, baby,", and whirlpooled. Instead of 1.054, I got 1.044. Since my hop utilization was reduced, I should be okay. I'll let you know.


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