26 July 2010

Jester King Debuts New Logo Art

Recently, Jester King updated their new logo art, posted above. Cool image.

But what caught my eye was some text: "[W]e’ve decided to pursue beers that age and mature for several weeks or months in oak barrels under the mischievous influence of wild yeast. . . We’ve also taken stock of our location in the Texas Hill Country with its own unique flora and fauna influenced by the surrounding wineries, orchards and olive groves. We’re aiming to use the wild yeast from the Hill Country to impart unique and complex flavors to Jester King beer."

Satan and I have toyed with the idea of somehow capturing some of the wild yeast around bluebonnet time just to see what would happen. We're just not sure how we would do that. Anyone have any advice?


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Blogger Dean Brundage said...

I was listening to a Brewing Network podcast (forget which one) about the Alagash brewery. They recently installed coolships to pick up the local fauna, which I think we could duplicate with a wide shallow container.

Alagash runs their beer out of the whirlpool into the coolship to sit 12-18 hours, then into their closed fermenters.

Been thinking about doing it too. One of these could hold about 15 gallons:


4:21 PM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...


We were thinking of bring a starter to Wild Seed farms and drink on their patio for a couple of hours, trying to catch wild yeast off the wildflowers. Then grow up that wild yeast.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Beer Of The Day said...

To be commercially viable, even for something as small as a limited cask release, you;d have to cultivate it once some was captured. I think the only way would be with something like a cool ship. A starter for a couple of hours would seem way too small. But your way seems like a good way to kill a couple of hours, at the very least.

5:40 PM  

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