06 July 2010

WTF? Rahr & Sons places 11 beers on Zymurgy's Top 50

Showing what scarcity can do to a beer's popularity, practically all of Rahr & Sons Brewing Company's entire portfolio landed on Zymurgy's annual Best Beers in America List. Not bad for a brewery that hasn't brewed anything in almost five months!

According to the Rahr website, this showing makes them America's Top Brewery (that isn't brewing at the moment) and garnered them a Zymurgy Spirit Award. Patrick Beach, The Austin American-Statesman's beer blogger, compared it to a stuffed ballot box in Jim Wells County back in 1948 that put LBJ into the Senate.

It's also a testament to the popularity of a series of YouTube videos showing what their bored brewers have been up to. It's kept the brewery's name in its customers minds every week since the roof collapse.

I like Rahr's beers, when I can get them. In fact, they had just scored a distributor in our area the week before the roof collapse, and I was looking forward to enjoying some Ugly Pug. But are they really America's best beers? All of them?

Congratulations to Fritz and the boys in Fort Worth, for having so many loyal fans willing to vote in the Zymugy poll. This positions them to hit the ground running when the brewery is back in operation.

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