18 July 2009

Belgian Bombshell Kegging Day

The other night I screwed up my courage and got off my butt and kegged the Belgian Bombshell. It was a pale yellow, with some haze. It had a spicy note, mostly the cardemom, and finished a bit too bitter. Probably a result of my OG being 8/1000th of a point too low. The OG was 1048 and the FG was 1004, making this 5.8% abv.

To keep Satan happy, I am naturally carbonating this in a keg, so I added 4.2 ounces of priming sugar. The keg is sitting in our kitchen where the temp is in the low 80s. In a few days, I'll move it back to the fermentation room, where I can only get it down to 76°. I really need a couple of temperature controlled conicals. C'mon, Lotto!


posted by Jeff Holt at 01:34


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