08 July 2009

"Craft" Like Bud Light

The Cedar Rapids, Iowa station KCRG is breathlessly reporting that a winery in Iowa have helped "Kick Prohibition Era Law to Curb." The law prohibits wineries from selling beer. The best part is this quote: "We are going to try and keep it like the micro brew type. Like Amberbock and Blue Moon. We've got Millstream I think from Amana and we do have the basic Bud Light." So they are going to sell craft beers like Bud Light, Blue Moon and Michelob Amberbock. Finally, the real reason for the move: ". . .they expect having beer available will really help their sales." So wine ain't paying the bills, they have to sell beer too.

Doesn't that make the winery more of a bar than a winery?

Texans, our Legislators want to do the same thing here: prop up winery revenues by allowing them to sell beer.


posted by Jeff Holt at 06:38


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