24 July 2006

Brief Vacation - Blue and Gray Brewery Review

I just returned from a quick vacation to the east coast. I made a point to stop at some brewpubs along the way, and decided to share my experiences with you. My first stop was in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We stopped at Sammy T's for lunch, and I had a Fred Red Ale brewed by the Blue and Gray Brewing Company. I decided to visit the brewery and take some home with me. When it came my turn to get my growler filled, they had to change the keg. I didn't open the growler for a couple of days, but did store the beer in the refirgerator the whole time. When I finally sampled it, I noticed the beer had off flavors. There was an astringency in the beer that gave it a red wine taste. That flavor definitely not there at the restaurant, or during the beer tasting at the brewery. I can't decide if the flavors were a result of the long lag time in the growler, or if the new keg was bad. I defintely will visit the brewery again, and I'll try the growler again. But I may have to sample it in the parking lot before I go home.

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