08 July 2006

Herman Weiss & Sons, Texas Brewers

Herman Weiss was working in San Antonio when Galveston was destroyed by the 1900 hurricane. By 1907, perhaps sensing opportunity in the rebuilding city, Herman had moved his family to Galveston, and had opened a brewery there. However, he was competing against the Galveston Brewery. The Galveston Brewery was co-owned by Adolphus Busch and William J. Lemp of St. Louis and Milwaukee, respectively. It was the dominant brewery in the region (having excaped the 1900 hurricane with little damage), and no doubt, the beer barons did everything they could to force Weiss to close his brewery.

In 1909, Weiss decided to move to Shiner, Texas and become the brewmaster of the newly organized Shiner Brewing Association. But, before long, Herman had moved back to San Antonio, where he worked as a brewmaster for the San Antonio Brewing Association.

Thanks to Keith Holt for this information. Keith is Herman's great-grandson. The little boy in front of Herman is Keith's grandfather.


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