05 August 2005

Spuds McKenzie's BudBone

Plastic Budweiser half yard stein

While I'm waiting to brew Hookarm's Dark Ale (hopefully this weekend), I've been forced to cram this blog with other stuff. So here's some more breweriana, a real Budweiser collectible.

Back in the late 80s or early 90s, the local Budweiser distributor tried to get this "Bud Bone" into all the special events in our area. It was a neat idea, but, basically, a gimmick. (Today they are trying to push their alumnium cans, ala Iron City Beer. Can't the folks at Bud sell their beer on its own merit, without a gimmick of some kind?) I really don't know if it was connected with Spuds McKenzie, featured in a series of popular Budweiser ads and commercials, but it is called a BudBone.

This little rippah (imagine Steve Irwin saying it) is plastic, about 16 inches tall and made of plastic. Would have been nice if it was glass . . .

Probably not at an event, though.

Now, this Budweiser stein, or glass, or whatever is just a piece of my collection.

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